You Gotta Start Somewhere…

I have been thinking about starting a blog for years now. Just something for me, and anyone who is interested. Somewhere I can write about life and work and travel and, well anything that interests me.

But the internet is FULL of blogs. Stay at home moms looking for an outlet. Companies trying to expand their brand. Even major media outlets have blogs.

Type in anything you want to learn about and someone, somewhere has written a blog on the topic. Getting things going for my website, some of the things I have looked up are: “How do you make jump-links?” “Where can I find free stock photos?” “How to load a GIF to a website.”

And with all these resources, I have been wondering; what has been holding me back?

I could say its time. But that isn’t true. Sure, I’m busy like everyone else in the world, but I could have made time. I could say I am lazy. But that isn’t true either. I work super hard and I’m always doing or trying something new.

And then I think it clicked; could it be fear? Could I be afraid of putting myself out there online? Could I be afraid of what people will say?

So I did some reading about fear and came across this incredible quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt in his inauguration speech.

The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.

Of course used with very different meaning, it is still so related to what we all go through most days.

What we should be afraid of is how fear is holding us back.

How about you? What has fear held you back from? What could you do to show fear whose boss?

So here I go. Pushing past any fears and into a new online adventure. Are you joining me?

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